Research Areas

Exploding Metallized Films

Exploding FilmWhen capacitor grade thin metallized films are subjected to a capacitive high voltage pulsed discharge they experience transient joule which results in the vaporization of the metal layer followed by a high temperature arc discharge plasma. The electrical explosion of metallized films have both defense and manufacturing related applications.

Non-thermal Plasma Torch

Non-Thermal PlasmaESI has built several non-thermal plasma torches which have been used to treat melanoma cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Non-thermal plasma has been used in many biological applications because it’s a good source of reactive species and for its near room temperature characteristics. Our collaboration with Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the UB Biological Sciences department has produced very promising results.

Stray Voltage

Energy Systems Integration has partnered with National Grid in Western, NY to investigate its ongoing stray voltage problems. Stray voltage is a neutral-earth elevated voltage (less than 10V) that develops on the surface of metal objects such as street lights, man-hole covers, and even guard rails, but is considered harmless. Stray voltage can be very difficult to diagnose since there are a variety of causes, but our efforts aim to shed light on the situation so that successful mitigation techniques can be employed.