Energy Systems Integration maintains a rapid-response integrated facility capable of quickly implementing existing and new applications for industry and government activity. The ESI facility is a designated School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Laboratory. The ESI Facility also includes two seperate shielded high-bay areas with side staging areas. These areas are equipped with instrumentation necessary for the execution of ESI's research. Among the most notable pieces of equipment are:

  1. A Hamamatsu nanosecond-through-millisecond time-duration image-intensified streak and framing camera and temporal analysis system.
  2. A 0-40kV AC/DC, 20kW average power research analyzer for simultaneous AC and DC microdischarge analysis of materials, specifically developed as a research instrument for the ESI in conjunction with Biddle Manufacturing. Calibration and testing by Biddle.
  3. A megawatt peak power, multikilohertz pulse repetition rate hard tube pulser, developed to provide very fast rise time (< 20 nanoseconds), unipolar pulses of continuously adjustable duration from 100 nanoseconds to over 5 microseconds. This instrumentation allows multifactor stress aging of complex insulation architectures and components representative of modern systems, for voltages up to 15 kV.